How can we help?

Would these be all loose pages to fill their information in or could they add their information to the download version?

If you are selling to your customer as a digital product, your customer can choose to print it themselves and that would naturally be in loose leaf form where they can add their own information and write their answers for the exercises and questions. They can also choose to open the PDF file you sell to them on their computer or mobile device to write their answers in digitally.

Would the customer receive a download which they would need to print out or what?

To answer the first part of the question, please see this article ( As for would they need to print out, the answer is yes if you are selling them a digital download. You can sell this however you want. The choice is in your hands.

How do I deliver it to those who purchase from me?

First, we deliver nothing on your behalf. The process looks like this to you. - When you purchase a template from us, you download the editable files and edit it to suit you or your target audience. - You'll save your newly edited copy as a PDF on your computer. - You'll upload the PDF from your computer to your online store e.g. (Etsy, WooCommerce, Shopify etc.) - When customers buy from you, and you have set your store up correctly, your customer should receive a download link of t...

How Do I Use The Dividers? What Are They For?

You can use the dividers for anything you can think of. Here are a couple of suggestions for you. - Sell them as digital wall art people can print and put on their wall. - Add them into the workbook as an extra page to break up sections. - Use them as a bonus.

How much should I sell these for after rebranding?

You can sell it at whatever price you wish. We do not have a recommended selling price. Having said that, we advise customers not to underprice it to 4.99 or something ridiculously low like that. It will only make it harder for you to recoup your investment and make real money with your investment.

I can't select or click to edit in PowerPoint

In some designs, sometimes, certain elements are not clickable and even though the design is there. The first thing you want to check is if the design is in the master layer. To do that, go to the page you want to check or edit. Then go to View > Master > Slide Master. From the slide master, you should be able to edit the element or text you need to edit. If you are still having trouble, do reach out to us and we'll help you with it.

Can I edit in PowerPoint?

Yes. All text and shapes can usually be edited. Depending on design, some elements may not. For example, this cover was handdrawn and is JPG. Though we try our utmost, every journal, planner and workbook is different. So if you'd like to know if something specific can be edited, do ask and we'll be able to tell you

Can I edit with Affinity Publisher?

Almost every product we produce comes with a .idml file. This is an InDesign file for older versions of InDesign. Affinity Publisher can open .idml files so yes. You can open and edit with Affinity Publisher. However, we do not check the files in Affinity. Some designs open up beautifully in Affinity, others don't. Your mileage may vary. Please see more about compatibility in this article (

Can I Edit With Google Slides or OpenOffice?

We do not support Google Slides or OpenOffice. We do not test the PowerPoint files delivered for Google Slides or OpenOffice. While you can try, we cannot promise it will work with these apps, particularly where the file has a lot of pages and/or are graphic intensive. Also, we often use custom fonts that cannot be loaded into Google Slides. That will cause a degraded design.

I can't open the files

Oh no! First things first. All of our products come in zipped files. So after you download, be sure to unzip the file you downloaded before attempting to open it. The next step really depends on which file you downloaded. We usually separate our files by program e.g. INDD or InDesign, PPT or PPTX, JPG, PDF and sometimes PSD or AI If you have downloaded the INDD or InDesign zip file, you will need Adobe InDesign to open these. If you downloaded PPT or PPTX, you'll use PowerPoint to open these....

The file looks different in Affinity Publisher

When you open an .idml file in Affinity Publisher, it sometimes doesn't know how to read certain portions of the InDesign file. As a result, you might see missing images, placement might be wrong, or layers and master pages become out of order. We do not check the .idml files for compatibility with Affinity. Your mileage will vary if you are using Affinity Publisher.

I lost my files, can you send them to me?

Good news! Your purchases can always be found and downloaded directly from your account. As long as we're in business, you can a log in at any time to download them. Log in at Your username will be the email address you used when you purchased. If you have forgotten the password, use the forgot password feature on the log in page.

Help! I cannot purchase/download because I need/have an active subscription?

To avoid the problem of duplicate purchases, our system will stop you from buying a product again if you already have it in your account. If you're seeing a message that says you can't order because you have an active subscription or already have it in your account, all you need to do is log into your account to download. Go here to log in now ( Once you're in, you'll see the download link(s) on your dashboard.

Is Canva Included?

No. In the past, we included Canva templates so some pages might still mention them. These are being slowly phased out and will be removed entirely by January 2020.

What software can I use to edit this?

You can use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint or Keynote.

Can I change/edit this?

Yes. All templates provided are editable. Having said that, there are some elements like watercolor splashes, doodles, frames, handwritten designs, etc that typically cannot be edited in PowerPoint. This is because we often employ styles and methods that aren't fully supported in PowerPoint. In order to preserve the design, we have to flatten the file which makes them un-editable. Usually, the most flexible file format is Photoshop, Illustrator, or SVG because you have more options to manipulate...

What's the difference between standard and extended license?

If your purchase was made in 2018 through early 2019, you might have picked up a package with standard right licensing. The biggest difference is, extended rights allow you to sell on third party market places (Etsy, Envato, Creative Market and the likes). To simplify our licensing options, we no longer offer standard rights.

Is Commercial Rights Included?

Yes, you can use it for commercial projects. The most important thing to remember is you cannot distribute (for free or with payment) the editable source files (

How do I download my purchase?

All your purchases are stored securely in your account dashboard which can be found at: Your username is the one you chose when you purchased the product or you can use your email address. Your password should be what you entered when you signed up. If you forgot you can use the retrieve password feature and make sure you check your spam account for the email retrieval. If you're still not getting the retrieval email, let us know we'll be happy to...

Is this PLR?

Yes. Thrive Anywhere products are in general private label unless specifically labeled differently

Can I sell the journals and planners on Etsy or other sites?

Yes! Some older products might have only have Standard license. If you have only purchased standard license in the past, you will need to get extended rights. You can get extended rights in your account by clicking the upgrade link next to your standard purchase in your dashboard.

Can I use these to publish on KPD?

For the majority of our products. Yes! Anything you see on the shop page ( will come with extended rights i.e. you can publish on KDP. Every product page will also clearly state in several places. See images below for two examples. Every product that has this means you can publish on KDP. Having said that, although our terms allow for that, we advise that you do your due diligence. Read and understand the terms of publishing with KDP as laid out by Amazon and...

Is there extra cost to add my company name and sell/give it away to clients?

No. There is no extra cost to add your name to it and give it away to your clients as-is. You cannot give away the editable formats (Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint). You can give away the PDF as-is or after you added your name to it. We do not have a service to put your name on the planner for you, but we can recommend someone if you do not want to do it yourself.

Which files should I download so I can edit?

First, consider what program you will use. Though we recommend InDesign, because it is the most editable format. It's also the fastest method and will give you professional results. However, we understand InDesign can have a learning curve and cost attached. Most people will choose PowerPoint since it is the easiest. If you have decided to use PowerPoint, log into your account, go to the download page. Then, you'd simply click the PPTX link to begin downloading (see screenshot below). If you...

Do you send me a PDF I can take to the copy store to print?

The planners and journals come in various formats. Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator, PDF, JPG, PowerPoint. If you want to print it out for a hard copy you can certainly do that. I would however send them the Photoshop or Illustrator file though if the print shop can take that because they are a little higher quality for printing.

Can I adapt the journals or planners for another niche?

Yes! In each journal or planner pack, you will find versions without text. You are free to customize the pages with your own text to suit your niche.

What can I do with these?

So many things! Let's start with the basics. You can: - Sell them on your own site. - Give it away. - Use it as workshop material with your clients or students. - Add to your membership site. - Sell it. - Use for client work. - Put your branding on the planner and publish under your brand name. You cannot: - Sell or give away the images, artwork, fonts or elements separately on their own. All imagery must be in planner format. - Re-engineer or copy the artwork or fon...

Can I use these planners / journals for clients?

Yes! If you have purchased extended rights. If you have only purchased the standard product, you will need to get extended rights. This option should have been presented to you after checking out. If you missed it, you can get extended rights in your account by clicking the upgrade link next to your standard purchase in your dashboard.

How do I save the Canva templates to my account?

When using Canva templates, do NOT use the save feature. That overrides our templates and we will have to replace it so others can receive the template. When we do that, the older file will be deleted and you will lose all your work. Instead, use the copy feature. That will save the template to your account. Watch the video below for a quick demonstration. Ho To Use Your Canva

Can I download more than one file type?

You can absolutely download more than one.

What are source files?

Source files often come in the format of: - Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPTX, .PPT, etc.) - Adobe InDesign (.INDD, .IDML) - Adobe Illustrator (.AI) - Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) - Encapsulated PostScript File (.EPS) - Canva templates