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How do I find my AppSumo Deal passcode?

If you have the AppSumo Deal passcode, log in to your account ( and click the link that says [AppSumo 2] $120 Passcode or [AppSumo Plus] $150 Passcode depending which you purchased. Below, you'll also find direct links to those pages. Log in is required before you can access those pages. - [AppSumo 2] $120 Passcode ( - [AppSumo Plus] $150 Passcode (

How Do I Use My AppSumo Code?

If you have the newer Code versus the Credits, at checkout simply paste your code into the coupon field.

How do I know if I have the AppSumo Credits or Passcode?

To find out which you have, log in to your account ( In the product listing on the left, if you have a link named [AppSumo 2] $120 Passcode or [AppSumo Plus] $150 Passcode, then you have the passcode. If you have a tab in your account menu named Shop With Credits, it means you have AppSumo Credits. It is also possible you have both!

What's the difference between the AppSumo Credits and The AppSumo Passcode?

The value of both is the same, but the manner of use is different. If you have AppSumo Credits, you cannot claim products using the normal checkout methods. You have to choose your products from a special credit store ( You can also see your credit balance from the same place. If you have the AppSumo Passcode, you are given a special pass code just for your use. You can use your code in the coupon code field when you checkout using our normal checkout p...